Jewel — The roof

3 min readMar 29, 2019

Even hours of cowering on the roof did not stop her from fuming. Yeah, sure, she had been taught not to eavesdrop. But it had been one of those cases when it had not really been eavesdropping, because clearly the others did not give a shit if they were overheard or not. Yeah, ok, she had banged the door when she came back from her last superhero escapade. The way you do when you try to be really, really quiet as not to wake everyone up and all the things in your surrounding conspire against you. And yeah, it might be annoying to be woken up before the alarm rings when you have to study for your exams and need your beauty sleep. But it was not even the unfairness of the posh kids who partied six months out of nine, while she had to head out to work at all hours. That just came with sharing a flat with students, she had clearly known what she had gotten herself into.

Photo by whereslugo on Unsplash

But it had sent shivers down her spine when she heard what they were thinking about her:

“I don’t even know where she spends the night. I mean who would …”

“Yeah, it must be sad to try every night to score”.

This was not even close to what she tried. What she did. Not something her flatmates ever spoke to her about, no. they did not expect her to learn, have fun with friends or do any of the other things they did when they hung out somewhere. Sure, some of them at times went out clubbing and not all came home alone — or at all. But apparently this could be all she was interested in: finding a partner, a hook up, a f**k.

There hadn’t been much on that front she had to admit, but how should one find the time for romance between working, saving the bloody city from crime and doing all the things she just loved to do. And between her and her two quick hands there was not much need at the moment, thank you very much, she had wanted to say. Sure, there were things she missed, but they all came with a price. A price she was not prepared to pay at the moment. What was a girl to do, drop it all for the next man who was willing to take her, make her whole? And in the meantime crime would soar in her area.

BTW, she should really get off this ego trip and actually be on the look out. She had chosen this roof in the middle of the night not for fun, but because she expected something to happen tonight. There had been odd signs from her colleague at work. She had done some snooping and found that they were trying to buy some stash to sell on to up their street cred. And while she agreed that they needed their street cred to be upped, she was fully against doing it on the cost of innocent lives. Those who would get hooked on the drugs. She was set on stopping the transfer before it happened, saving both her quarter and her colleague from a potentially devastating mistake. But with all the shit going on she found it hard to concentrate. Hard to care to be honest. Great power — Great responsibility, great power — great responsibility, great power — great responsibility. She used her mantra for focus until she could stand it no more. Until her feet felt frozen solid. Until all muscles, even of her superpowered-body ached. Until the sun came up. Until she made her way home, wondering who had cold feet now.




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